Interim Chief Chris Gobin

Interim Chief of Police

Interim Chief Christopher Gobin brings 17 years of dedicated service to the Tulalip Police Department. His journey began with a negative encounter with a state game warden, which fueled his commitment to ensuring tribal members receive respectful and caring treatment. Honesty, fairness, and a deep connection to the Tulalip tribal community guide his service.

Christopher's hard work and dedication, coupled with his unique understanding of the tribe's requirements, led him to the role of Interim Chief. His service in the Army and subsequent return to become a police officer for the tribe demonstrate his commitment.

Under Christopher's leadership, a strengthened drug task force is making a significant impact, removing dangerous substances from the streets. Each pill seized represents a life saved, a testament to the team's dedication and the positive impact on the community.

Christopher's belief in the power of community ties to foster commitment and create the next generation of leaders is inspiring. He envisions Tulalip as a shining model for other cities, where excellence defines police work and the future is filled with hope.