Tulalip Tribal Police Department

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The mission of the Tulalip Tribal Police Department and its existence constitutes an organization whose actuality is justified solely based on service to Tribal members and the Tulalip Tribal community.

The Office of the Chief and supporting staff considers it their duty and privilege to not only protect Tribal members and reservation citizens from crime but also to protect and defend the rights guaranteed under the Tulalip Tribes Constitution.

Officers follow both Tulalip Tribal Codes and Federal Laws when policing potential violation(s) of law by Tulalip Tribal members as well as any enrolled member of a Federally Recognized Tribe within the reservation. Additionally, Officers reference state law when dealing with incidents of a criminal nature involving non-enrolled citizens within the boundaries of the reservation. The Tulalip Tribal Police Department is considered a Washington State General Authority Law Enforcement Agency, which requires the Officers to be certified through the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.


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Illicit Fentanyl Detected in New Form

The Washington State Department of Health reports that illicit fentanyl is being detected in new forms and is causing an increasing number of overdose deaths in the state.

Tulalip Tribal Police media release Missing Person - Mary Ellen Johnson-Davis, $60,000 Reward.

Missing Person Mary Ellen Johnson-Davis. $60,000 Reward.

The Tulalip Police Department would like your help in locating a missing person.

TPD is taking action against Fentanyl

TPD is taking action against Fentanyl

The TPD Drug Task Force and Community Response Team are working diligently to combat the sale of illicit drugs on the Tulalip Reservation.

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Sex Offenders Registration (SORNA)

Sex Offenders Registration Notification Act.
In order to utilize the sex offender registry, click here.

Tulalip Tribal sex offenders registration (SORNA) lookup registry.


Chief for a Day

Representing the Tulalip Tribes and the values of strength, courage, bravery, and leadership is the Chief for a Day. Leah Sheldon represents the Tulalip Tribes as Chief for a Day. “We know you’re not just chiefs for a day,” Lt. Governor of Washington Cyrus Habib remarks in commencement, “You’re gonna be chiefs for the rest of your lives.”